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We provide substantial business and private equity experience


John Agerholm

Founding Partner

+45 4115 6345

Former Managing Director CoreConsult.

Extensive experience from renewable energy, Management Consulting and venture investments. John has worked with the management and board of directors of +30 companies including numerous companies in the wind industry. Special areas: Strategy, Business Development, Governance and Commercial Excellence.


Rolf Kragelund

Founding Partner

+45 2546 1574

Former Director in Wood Mackenzie (DK) and VP-level positions in Vestas.
10+ years of international management experience in the wind industry specializing in finance, investor relations, strategy, sales, and product strategy.
Management Consulting experience within strategy and operational excellenc.


Michael Hannibal

Senior Advisor

Partner in CIP and former CEO of Siemens Offshore Wind. Michael is supporting CoreCapital with his competencies and network within the wind sector, commercial due diligence, deal assessment, and strategy. 
Michael has an extensive experience in the wind industry, especially within the global market expansion and new concepts.


Emma Petri


+45 2067 4587

Analytical and data mining skills. Responsibility of lead investigation and track while supporting on market and target analyses.



Advisory and Support

Besides Michael Hannibal, the partner team in CIP will leverage their network and provide CoreCapital access to key internal fund management experts within key areas. The CIP team comprises ~400 professionals across ~30 nationalities. 
The CIP team is energy sector specialists with a unique combination of industrial skills and investment experience.


Nils Smith

Senior Advisor

+45 2478 3357

Former Co-founder and Partner at Blue Equity. 
Many years of experience in building and managing a private equity fund ranging from fund establishment, sourcing, due diligence, value creation and exit. 
Experience from investing and exiting companies within the wind industry.  

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